• Bet Lembosa

    Bet Lembosa

    Balemoyawon Yamakru By showing a Varity of buildings to the public, it introduces the current level of the construction building…

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  • Yefidel Gebeta

    Yefidel Gebeta

    Yefidel Gebeta This program presents interviews with authors, writers, critics and other intellectuals in such fields and active individuals shall…

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  • Yegeter Media

    Yegeter Media

    Yegeter Media A TV program that shows the Ethiopian Rural Environments to teach the public through entertainment, it enables all…

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  • Hamonna Top Ten

    Hamonna Top Ten

    Hamonna Top Ten A program to be presented with a guest musician with 10 selected musical clips or a known…

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  • Only in Ethiopia

    Only in Ethiopia

    Only in Ethiopia Programs prepared on the Ethiopian assets only. Includes the Ethiopian relics and cultural identity and vital social…

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  • Temsalet


    Temsalet Episodes focusing on teaching – learning tries to create awareness on the public. The program contains models with good…

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  • Noro Bezeda

    Noro Bezeda

    Noro Bezeda This is a TV Sitcom Drama to be presented on various social matters stimulating laughter and enjoyment. It…

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  • Nahoo Hagerigna Filmoch

    Nahoo Hagerigna Filmoch

    Nahoo Hagerigna Filmoch This is a period during which standard films being occasionally produced are staged. Presented in collaboration with…

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  • Kemedaliyaw


    Kemedaliyaw A series of comedy TV episodes concerning the athletes and related matters. A very funny situational comedy drama which…

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