• Maraki Getse (Children show)

    Maraki Getse (Children show)

    An entertaining and didactic program designed for children to be entertained and secure serious matters. The program shows matters that…

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  • Endemen Adersh Agera (Morning Show)

    Endemen Adersh Agera (Morning Show)

    Endemen Adersh Agera (Morning Show) The show features a combination of daily informal news, interviews, in-depth reporting, business and weather.…

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  • Betebeb Enenur

    Betebeb Enenur

    Betebeb Enenur The program presented by the famous and exceptional artist Brook Yeshitila. The program focus on artist, writer and…

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  • The Analyst

    The Analyst

    The Analyst The analyst covers the bases of pre-game and post-game analysis of football matches from different leagues and competitions…

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  • Akramot


    Akramot A show mainly focuses all happenings during the week in Ethiopia. The show cover happening like CD release, movie…

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  • Sew Sinor

    Sew Sinor

    Sew Sinor - This program shows the inner side of the Ethiopian people living in their country. It especially clearly…

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  • Nahoo-Click



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  • Yeneta


    YeneYeneeey Yeneta A program presented on focusing on the attainment of the proper nobility and recognition of the teaching profession.…

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  • Yenata Guada

    Yenata Guada

    Yenat Guada Food preparation teaching TV episodes – to present in Amharic traditional and foreign food world famous experts’ knowledge…

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  • Nahoo Sport

    Nahoo Sport

    Nahoo Sport Episodes mainly focusing on the Ethiopian Sports. In addition to providing information on the nation- wide sport programs,…

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  • Fonote Hege

    Fonote Hege

    Fonote Hege Programs designed to create awareness on the public on legal matters. The program in addition to teaching judicial…

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