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Yegeter Media

Yegeter Media (Rural Media)

A TV program that shows the Ethiopian Rural Environments to teach the public through entertainment, it enables all rural farmers and pastoralists of all regions as well as the rural residents to exchange their successes, impart their experiences, learn from others, and discuss their sub culture history and local practices.


Zhiwazhiwe  (Swinging)

A series of entertaining and enjoyable TV Drama focusing on the lives of college students and social affairs. It show the love, hate, social life and all the up and down complication when you are a student and the challenge they face when they live away from family and how a friendship which become a new family when you live with student.


Episodes focusing on teaching – learning tries to create awareness on the public. The program contains models with good conduct especially on the academic world as well as the entire public. Interviews with the teachers working on the preparatory stage including good examples in their teaching methods and experienced individuals in every sphere shall be conducted.