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Yenat Guada

Food preparation teaching TV episodes – to present in Amharic traditional and foreign food world famous experts’ knowledge and experience gained on the healthy food items especially focusing their preparation methods and use including other food related matters.

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Fenote Hege (Legal framework)

Programs designed to create awareness on the public on legal matters. The program in addition to teaching judicial matters, includes skills to conduct our daily affairs on legal basis and so is very interesting.

Sew Sinor -

This program shows the inner side of the Ethiopian people living in their country. It especially clearly shows the life, mutual thinking, mutual support, growing together to lead their common livelihoods by tracing their inner rooms. This program shall depict in its brief sessions the deep social relations and mutual thinking being experienced in our localities but which are unfortunately seen as gradually and steadily disappearing.


The program will show different style building and where the technology reach in terms of construction. On this program we will show you the process of different construction method and style also we will introduced the technology and system the other counties use for construction, this will encourage and improve the professional and anyone who will be interested to do construction. We will participate the audience by preparing competition on design. On this program the explanation given by the professional will be entertaining and education.