Monthly Archives: August 2016

Kemedaliyaw (In connection with the medals)

A series of comedy TV episodes concerning the athletes and related matters. A very funny situational comedy drama which focus on the life of the athletes, on this dram we will see the challenge, the aim and the target of the runners. We also entertain with the funny part of what they facing when they try to start athletics or running as carrier.

Maraki Getse (Children show)

An entertaining and didactic program designed for children to be entertained and secure serious matters. The program shows matters that may adjust the conduct of children, and also allows the children to get involved in the presentation of entertaining games, it also shows experience exchanges of children drawn from different schools in collaboration with the latter, and so becomes very entertaining.



The program will show different style building and where the technology reach in terms of construction. On this program we will show you the process of different construction method and style also we will introduced the technology and system the other counties use for construction, this will encourage and improve the professional and anyone who will be interested to do construction. We will participate the audience by preparing competition on design. On this program the explanation given by the professional will be entertaining and education.