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Nahoo Hagerigna Filmoch

This is a period during which standard films being occasionally produced are staged.

Presented in collaboration with Dire Tube

Nahoo Hagerigna Filmoch/ Dire Tube

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Sew Sinor -

This program shows the inner side of the Ethiopian people living in their country. It especially clearly shows the life, mutual thinking, mutual support, growing together to lead their common livelihoods by tracing their inner rooms. This program shall depict in its brief sessions the deep social relations and mutual thinking being experienced in our localities but which are unfortunately seen as gradually and steadily disappearing.


This is a program that may motivate the craftsmen and women, through discussions based on how the role of the craftsmen and women have contributed towards the development of the country. How to further contribute in an improved manner by properly presenting the modern and scientific inventions and also in providing useful and change bring information, helps the viewers to discuss such manners wherever they are.

Nahoo Sport

Episodes mainly focusing on the Ethiopian Sports. In addition to providing information on the nation- wide sport programs, tries to include inputs helpful to score better results by providing improved methods.

Nahoo Sport